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Precious Harmony {6 months}

Please meet the ever-so-serious, Harmony!

My best friend introduced me to this family a few months ago and we were able to meet up for a 3 month, and just shy of a 6 month session.  For starters, I would be in big, BIG, big trouble with this little beauty because her eyes just take my breath away – she’s an absolute stunner!!  This little lady though was not the slightest bit entertained in my antics to get some smiles out of her (be sure to see the last picture :) ) I tried everything from stuffed animal shows, to high pitched voices, a game of peek-a-boo, and even running like a maniac…nope, she was too smart for that!

Fortunately, with the help of my friend and Harmony’s mom Lisa, we were able to get the job done!

Brace yourselves…she’s a heart stealer!!

To the Berger family: I am truly grateful for the opportunity to capture your family’s moments!  What a blessing to be a part of her milestones in life whether I’m getting the “you’re crazy lady face”, or the “nope, not having it”, face :)

My favorite part is truly going back and editing because the laughter and smiles just continue!

See you all soon!

All the best-


cdp_2206cdp_2208cdp_2210cdp_2211Clearly, this is the point where I became the uber crazy lady :)

cdp_2207By this point, she was no longer having it!!!