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Oh sweet sounds of the 6am alarm!

Ok, while I’m up and going before 6am, the mini has been enjoying the sweet summer time, sleep in freedom…until this past Monday that is :)

With that freedom came sloppy hair, bum clothes, games, sleepovers and well, piles and piles of mess!

So needless to say I am SUPER EXICTED about school back in session!

One bummy situation though was the reality that my not-so-baby brother is starting middle school this year ~ ummm, scary.

After purchasing all the items off his insanely long school supply list, there was only one thing left to do, get ready for his first day!

First thing was handling his mop head!  We needed to turn his, “WHOA man!” hair don’t into a, “ladies man” hair do…off to the Dapper BarberShop we go!cdp_2036

(Don’t worry, you’ll see the slop as soon as the hat comes off!)

KABLAM! See what I mean?! What’s up crazy hair?!


Thankfully, my friend and owner of Dapper BarberShop, Andy got E’s hair fresh and clean!

Wait…can we talk about this ‘tude of a look here for a second…what’s your deal kid?!cdp_2038

Anyway, like I was saying, fresh and clean!


Got the hair under control – time for orientation! We loaded up E’s two boxes of school supplies and headed on over to meet his teacher.


(yes, those are two copy paper boxes of supplies…on a cart…for middle school)

As we head inside the doors, the sounds of sneakers on the tile, laughter, high fives, smiles and hellos filled the school’s hallways.  Upstairs we go to meet his homeroom teacher and drop off his supplies.  This was my teary moment (yes, I know, cheesy) of watching him handle his stuff as he says, “I got it!”


Now that everything was checked off the list, we had one last weekend of freedom before that sweeet 6AM alarm goes off!

Monday came along and it’s the big day! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

Ahem, I mean awe :( summer freedom’s over.

We kicked off the morning with waffles, cartoons and dressed before the 7:30AM bus arrival.


Isn’t he handsome?!

After a chaotic morning of playing, “Are you my bus driver?”, we finally found his bus!

While we didn’t do a big vacation this summer, we did have some great downtime moments.  E has changed soooooo much in the four years that I’ve had him; he’s no longer a kid, but a young man.  I’m so excited to see what middle school has in store for him and watch him evolve into something great!

It was this moment that I became very sad watching him head off to school :(


HA! Who am I kidding?! 8 hours of freedom!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!

Later, E!


Lil B and I have the house to our selves!!!!!

To all parents and kiddos this year…I wish you all an amazing school year and let the countdown to SUMMER 2016 begin!


Vendor Credit:

Dapper Barbershop – Forest Hill & Jog, WPB

PH: 561-318-8764

Stop in and get your child’s hair cut by some of the best group of men in town!!

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