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Officially Mr. & Mrs. Deschene!

Love, laughter & bliss!!  I loved everything about the Deschene wedding!!!

Gina & Phil are two AMAZING people with the most loving and supportive families!  The entire day was filled with an abundance of smiles and laughter and the skies couldn’t have been more clear for them.

Their day all around was just perfect – the cake, the venue, the food and the music…not to mention, Gina made all of her bridesmaids beautiful barefoot sandals for the beach!

Thank you both so much for choosing me to capture this special time in your lives!  I wish you two all the best for many, many years to come!

Never stop smiling – xo

Vendor Credit:

Venue – Lake Worth Casino Building cdp_1875cdp_1876cdp_1877cdp_1878cdp_1879cdp_1880cdp_1881cdp_1882cdp_1883cdp_1884cdp_1885cdp_1886cdp_1887cdp_1888cdp_1889cdp_1890cdp_1891cdp_1892cdp_1893cdp_1894cdp_1895cdp_1896cdp_1897cdp_1898cdp_1899cdp_1900cdp_1901cdp_1902cdp_1903cdp_1904cdp_1905cdp_1906cdp_1907cdp_1908cdp_1909cdp_1910cdp_1911cdp_1912cdp_1913cdp_1914cdp_1915cdp_1916cdp_1917cdp_1918cdp_1919