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Megann + Nate

I have been WAITING for this engagement session for quite some time and I’m sooooooo excited that I got to be the one to capture it!

Nate and Megann have been around my family circle for many, many years.  I have seen these two together since their early years in high school.  When it comes to the term high school sweet hearts let me tell you, these two are the definition!  The love they have is something special.  The support they have for one another is something admirable.  The strength their love has is insanely unbreakable and I cannot wait to watch these two say, “I DO!” next summer!

Thank you so much Nate & Megann for having me be a part of this wonderful time in your lives! You both have truly built a solid unit and it’s something to be so, so proud of.  I am in awe of how much you both have accomplished in such an early part of your adulthood.  I look forward to seeing how much the two of you grow as one, and for the memories ahead.

Hugs to you both <3