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A COVID Birth Story – Middleburg, FL

Axel’s birth story, as told by me, his aunt. (**some birth images included**)

Early on in my sister’s pregnancy, she and Zach asked me if I would like to be their plus one during the birth? I was absolutely honored and elated as I knew I was about to capture one of the most incredible moments in not only their lives, but also mine.

Fast forward to the week before she was induced, COVID numbers increased and old restrictions at the hospital were put back in place. When my sister came over to confirm the news, we both cried at my kitchen table. Only one person is allowed in the room. Now, let me just preface this story that in comparison to lives being lost, or other struggles people were/are facing, it’s minuscule; however, in this moment, this was OUR moment of hurt. It sucked, but life goes on.

Lilly and Zach’s final week as two was quickly coming to an end. She was scheduled to be induced Sunday, August, 15th. Regardless if I got to be in the room or not, I still wanted to make this moment special for them. So, naturally, I took out my camera and documented what I could.

I followed them over to the hospital to say my goodbyes and wish them well. Zach decided to make a pit stop at Whataurger as his last meal before Axel’s debut.

We got to the hospital, and I don’t think I’ve ever hugged my sister so long like that before, as we cried our way through that goodbye. Our nerves were all shot to the core. We prepared for a backup plan and we were content with it. I watched them walk in, headed back to my car, drove off, and I got a phone call from Zach to come back to the hospital. He gave me the best news I could’ve received, they got a first floor room with a window and I could come say hi! As soon as I got to their window it hit me, I can still capture this birth!

I asked Lilly and Zach to speak to their doc and staff to see if I can get approved to be outside their window. There will never be enough thank you’s in the world for them saying yes. The joy and peace this gave all of us was something I’ll never forget.

I love a challenge and I was so excited for this moment! My sister went into labor at 7:07 pm on Monday, August 16th and at 7:31 pm, my incredible nephew, Axel was born. It was one of the coolest and most unique experiences of my life. I am so overjoyed!!Lilly and Zach, I love you both SO MUCH and I am SO incredibly proud of you! From the moment your son was placed in your arms, you both instinctively changed to mom and dad. It was beautiful. It was soulful. It was powerful. It was LOVE!

Thank you for having me capture this time. It was amazing and it challenged me in so many ways. I battled wiping the humidity off the window, keeping the sweat from pouring into my eyes, and trying to not fall off a mini ladder (thanks, Kayla) while trying to get these shots. Thank you for blessing me with this experience. Thank you for making me an aunt. So, from the outside looking in, in the world of COVID, I introduce to you my nephew, Axel Joseph 💙

– A HUGE thank you to the hospital staff and team at Middleburg St. Vincent for giving us a captured memory of a lifetime. Thank you for all your love, hard work and care to my family.

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